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Employee Spotlight: Jon Thomson, Corporate Marketing Manager

jonthomsonWhen Jon Thomson sent his resume to a blind mailbox years ago and received a call from von Drehle, his first reaction was “Toilet paper!? I don’t want to sell toilet paper!” We get it — the toilet paper business isn’t the most glamorous — but we are so glad that Jon met with our team anyway. After talking with Steve and Raymond von Drehle, Jon decided that he wanted to be a part of a company that is “open, honest, transparent and respectful to their customers and prospects,” and he found those qualities here.

That was about ten years ago, at a time when von Drehle had less than 200 employees and just one small paper mill in Miami. During Jon’s time at the company, we’ve grown to over 500 employees and three paper machines, but most of the people that were at von Drehle when he started are still here.

Jon spends his days designing and creating all of our awesome literature, including spec sheets, our catalog, and sales sheets, managing and designing our trade show presence, creating presentations and video productions, managing our training program and, most importantly, helping our customers grow their businesses. Working with them is Jon’s favorite part of the job, and he says in our industry “most people are humble, honest and sincere and have a great sense of humor. It is toilet paper after all. Customers tend to align themselves with suppliers that hold the same values and beliefs as themselves. Because of the integrity and values that the von Drehles have instilled into their company, I believe that our customers are the absolute best.” We couldn’t agree more!