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Little-Known Facts about Toilet Paper

We recently celebrated National Toilet Paper Day, and we learned a lot about one of our most popular products. When it comes to janitorial supplies, toilet paper tops the list as an absolute essential. You may think you already know everything there is to know about this paper product, but these facts may surprise you:

1. Toilet paper is old. Really old.

We were shocked to discover just how old it actually is — the first documented use of toilet paper goes all the way back to the 6th century AD. Toilet paper was invented by the Chinese while other people around the world were still using water alone to clean.

2. Production grew rapidly.

The invention caught on quickly in China, and by the early 14th century, just one province alone produced ten million packages of toilet paper a year. Each package contained up to 10,000 sheets, some of which were even perfumed.

3. The first commercially available toilet paper appeared in 1857.

It took a long time for toilet paper to become commercially available, but American inventory Joseph Gayetty accomplished the task in 1857. Gayety’s “Medicated Paper” was sold in flat sheets and watermarked with his name.

4. Toilet paper is a big business.

Huge, in fact — more than seven billion rolls are sold each and every year in just the United States!

We are proud to provide a large array of toilet paper and other paper products. To learn more about von Drehle‘s comprehensive array of paper products, contact us today!