Touchless Towel Dispensers Reduce Cross Contamination for Healthier Facilities

No matter how well you clean your restrooms, cross-contamination is a serious concern. When one person contaminates a surface in your restroom with microorganisms, like germs and bacteria, that cause disease and that surface is touched by another person, up to 30 to 50 percent of those microorganisms are shared. Hands-Free Center Pull...
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High-Quality Paper Towels & Hands-Free Paper Dispensers by von Drehle

Hand drying is just as important to limiting the transmission of pathogens as hand washing. Bacteria thrive on damp hands and can more easily spread to other surfaces when hands aren’t properly dried after washing. When it comes to drying, you have three options: electric hand dryers, standard paper towels and high-quality paper...
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von Drehle Center Pull Down Towels and Dispensers

Our centerpull and mini-centerpull towel systems offer the most cost effective solution for hygienic hand drying. Some benefits include: Sanitary Design Our centerpull towel dispensers ensure that the towels are completely enclosed and your hand touches only the towel – which eliminates the fear of cross-contamination. Your customers and employees are assured of...
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