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Blue Ridge Molding and Transcend Dispensers: Bringing concept to creation

When Fred van Camp became general manager of the Blue Ridge Molding facility just over six years ago, there were only four machines running one shift a day. Today, that facility runs eight machines for three shifts a day, six days a week. For Fred, watching the facility grow has been “extremely satisfying and really a lot of fun to be involved with.”

Part of that satisfaction comes from the autonomy Fred has at the facility — he’s the guy responsible for all the sales and operations at the site. There isn’t an aspect of design and production that doesn’t have Fred and the Blue Ridge Molding Team’s fingerprint on it. From planning products and creating a customer base to pricing and the early design stages, Fred and his team are a part of it all.

von Drehle’s new Transcend line of dispensers is a perfect example of their team’s involvement at Blue Ridge Molding. Following the design criteria, features and benefits defined by the Product Development team, the BRM team looked to bring concept to creation.

Developing the proprietary aspect of the new line was a particular challenge. Hot stamping is a complicated process to develop, and Blue Ridge Molding had the extra challenge of hot stamping on multiple planes. The covers on the Transcend dispensers aren’t flat, and much time was spent on developing a process to hot stamp the unique geometry of the covers.

Color-matching the Transcend line was another hurdle. Color-matching solid colors is a piece of cake, but part of the Transcend line’s elegance is its translucent covers.  Fred and Product Development worked diligently with material suppliers to color-match perfectly while still allowing light to pass through the dispenser covers to monitor the paper usage.  

Combining style with functionality is a hallmark of the Transcend line. It marks the first time Blue Ridge Molding has featured a metal lock mechanism on a dispenser, and a patented convenient push button feature also allows for easy changing of rolls without the key.

The Transcend line consists of four controlled-use dispensers: The Transcend Smart-Core Mini Twin Tissue Dispensers, which reduce costs, maintenance demands and waste with a compact dispensing system, a Centerpull Towel Dispenser for hands-free use, the Smart-Core Side-by-Side tissue dispenser, and the Transcend Smart-Core Twin Jumbo Roll Tissue Dispensers, capable of holding 2,290 feet of 2-ply tissue, reducing maintenance demands and the possibility of run-outs.

These dispensers represent just part of the hard work Blue Ridge Molding does six days a week. The facility produces between 18,000 and 20,000 dispensers a month and churns out nearly 2.4 million parts a month for one particular customer alone. If you’ve ever repainted a room in your home, chances are you’ve opened a container from Blue Ridge. The facility makes all the canisters and lids for Frog Tape, a painter’s tape with hydrophilic powder that creates a nearly impenetrable seal when activated by the moisture in latex paint. When the original lid of the canister started coming off several years ago, the company approached Blue Ridge Molding for help. Fred and his team prototyped several designs, developing a lid with three individual cleats that snap securely on to the canister. During testing, the team threw the canisters against walls and knew they’d found the ideal solution when the canisters exploded but the lids stayed on.

In addition to Fred’s innovative ideas and dedication to overcoming any challenge a customer throws his way, the Blue Ridge Molding facility has something else to boast about: its ISO certification. This is the gold standard in the plastics industry, and it’s often the first thing potential new customers ask about. Fred and his team are proud to say they’ve met the stringent ISO standards and are committed to maintaining the high quality production expectations they set. The future is bright for this state-of-the art facility!

To learn more about our Transcend line of dispensers, give us a call today at 800-438-3631!