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Commercial Paper Towel Dispensers, Automatic & Touch Free Dispensers – by von Drehle

Choosing the Right Towel Dispenser – Are you making the right decision?

A commercial paper towel dispenser is a crucial bathroom fixture that business owners need to invest wise on.  Sometimes it may go unnoticed, but the impact of paper dispensers on health and sanitation should invariably be considered seriously. For this reason why selecting the most appropriate type of commercial paper dispenser demands a thorough research.

When purchasing a commercial towel dispenser, you might want to make a decision on its basic features – are you interested in the automatic touch-free or perhaps the manual type? There are a number of differences between towel dispensers that you should take into consideration.

Manual dispensers have the push-button and lever-action device type. When you are deciding based on its practicality, the manual dispenser may not be right for you. Although they are relatively low-priced in comparison to the touch-free type, manual paper towel dispensers are often times not practical since they require the consumer to crank or pull down a lever – despite having soaked or filthy hands – in order to get a towel. That’s hardly effective to avoid multiplication of germs. However, the advantage of manual dispensers, are the simplicity in restocking and maintaining.

Automatic touch-free or motion-activated dispensers are definitely more convenient and practical to work with. All you have to do is wave your hands beneath the motion sensor and it immediately provides a precise-sized paper towel. In addition to sanitation, businesses can save a great deal on operational costs because automatic dispensers prevent paper waste.

Some see dispensers as an afterthought – but not von Drehle. We are dedicated to quality and innovation, we design our dispensers to be able to handle stresses and abuse well beyond what you would ever need. von Drehle dispensers are engineered and constructed to provide years of dependable service under all conditions. Our tasteful designs fit equally well in the most elegant office or the roughest industrial site.

Overall, you want to purchase a commercial dispenser which is convenient and uncomplicated for your customers to use – keep in mind that it should be resistant against paper jams too. Wasted towels due to defective machines will bring increased garbage on dumping grounds.

You will find our products in thousands of industrial and commercial locations, in medical and government complexes, and in airports and hotels. We welcome your questions and comments and look forward to helping you find solutions to all of your towel and tissue needs.  Call us at 800.438.3631.