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Don’t Get Cheated By This Common Commercial Toilet Tissue Scam

Getting the upper hand is important in any business, but some jan/san distributors are taking it too far to gain business. Instead of winning customers over with outstanding service and products, these unscrupulous distributors instead cheat them on tissue purchases.

Commercial toilet tissue is a common target of this scam. Distributors who used to sell 9-inch jumbo rolls that contain 1,000 linear feet of tissue are now selling rolls that look the same but only contain 800 linear feet or less. The diameter of the rolls is the same, but cheater rolls have been rolled looser and fluffed to make it look like they contain more paper.

The company charges less for the cheater roll, and customers think they are getting a deal on an actual jumbo roll. Instead, they are really getting swindled.

Distributors use the cheater paper to win new customers, and the practice is becoming more and more common. Honest distributors are losing bargain shoppers who think they are getting a lower price on the same product from another company, but the cheater paper can actually contain up to 40 percent less product.

Don’t Get Cheated!

To avoid falling for cheater paper, take a closer look at the product. Weigh it, compare rolls and look for specifics on the label, like the weight and amount of sheets and feet. If that information is missing, you are likely looking at cheater paper.

The best way to avoid cheater paper is to shop only from trusted sources. At von Drehle, we fully control the production of all our bulk tissue products and value our customers. You’ll never find cheater paper in our distribution centers! To learn more about our huge selection of commercial toilet tissue and our 100% satisfaction guarantee, give us a call today at 800.438.3631.