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Spotlight on Center Pull Towel Dispensers

At von Drehle, we don’t view dispensers as an afterthought. Instead, we put just as much innovation into them as we do our paper towel and tissue products. Our dispensers are designed to handle abuse and stress far beyond what you’d ever need, and they are constructed and thoughtfully engineered to provide years of durability and dependable service, no matter what conditions you subject them to.

Our Center Pull Towel Dispensers are no exception. Practically indestructible, the polycarbonate cover can withstand years of heavy use, and the cover’s texture hides fingerprint smudges so it stays looking like new.

Reduced Cross-Contamination and Waste

The hands-free operational design of our Center Pull Towel Dispensers reduce the risk of cross-contamination, creating a more sanitary experience for users. Only one towel is dispensed at a time, which reduces waste and helps control costs.

Abrasion-Resistant Cone and Unique Mounting System

The dispenser’s cone is made of a specially formulated polymer that allows towels to be pulled at many different angles. This innovative design feature limits user frustration while allowing lower mounting than most other dispensers. The mounting system also features a snap-out key that makes installation easy and allows removal of the dispenser by simply unlocking from the top. For added convenience, the same key fits the locking methods on both Jumbo Roll and Center Pull Towel dispensers.

Cover Features Increase Strength and Ease of Use

The cover of the Center Pull Towel Dispenser features a grooved edge that fits effortlessly over the base, which increases strength, and the durable hinged cover is impossible to over-extend. For easy loading, the cover opens from the side.

To learn more about our Center Pull Towel Dispensers and other solutions that increase the cleanliness and attractiveness of your facility, contact the team at von Drehle today at 800-438-3631!