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Spotlight on the Transcend Dispenser Line

To transcend is to “rise above,” and that’s exactly what von Drehle has done with our new line of paper dispensers. Years of development and listening to customer feedback have elevated the line from its aesthetics to its engineering, solidifying our place as a top provider of quality paper dispensing systems.

Since 1974, we’ve prided ourselves on building strong customer relationships, and that engagement was integral in developing the Transcend Dispenser Line. Product Manager Danielle Cannon, in her conversations with customers, discovered a need for a more consistent, modern look that helps distributors “own the bathroom,” from the stall areas to the sinks. The results is a more modern, streamlined look that will complement any restroom from the front-of-the-house to the back.

Tapping into the creativity, dedication and hard work of a team of engineers, designers and suppliers enabled us to meet the growing needs of our customers. Cannon recognized the need to combine the latest in design and engineering techniques to ensure the new line works well with all of von Drehle’s tissue and towel products.

Our dispensers have a reputation for being indestructible, and we’ve proven that time and time again by doing everything from blasting them with hoses to rolling a full-sized pickup truck on a Jumbo Roll Tissue dispenser, but we saw a need to elevate that durability by adding sleekness and a modern design.

Features of the Transcend Dispenser Line

More Color Options 

While our dispensers have been traditionally black, we are now providing two additional options for customers — white and a stainless finish. These options will open new distribution channels and satisfy the needs of more customers.

Improved Locking Mechanism 

Cannon stresses the need for ease-of-use for facility maintenance personnel, and we’ve responded by improving the locking mechanism on these dispensers. One metal key will open the complete line of Transcend dispensers, which also feature a dual locking function. Keyless push-button access is also available.

High Capacity Towel and Tissue Capabilities 

The work burdens of facility maintenance personnel are further reduces thanks to the line’s high capacity capabilities. Putting more paper towels and tissue into the dispenser means fewer service requirements.

Finally, most Transcend dispensers are controlled-use, which means they can only be used with von Drehle tissue or towels. This is a win-win for distributors and end-user customers, as it gives us an opportunity to build lasting relationships. These relationships have been the cornerstone of von Drehle for decades.

We hope you are as excited about the Transcend Dispenser Line as we are. Click here or contact us today at 800-438-3631 to learn more about our dispensers and how they can help you reduce waste, costs and maintenance demands while transcending above the standard.