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Touchless Towel Dispensers Reduce Cross Contamination for Healthier Facilities

No matter how well you clean your restrooms, cross-contamination is a serious concern. When one person contaminates a surface in your restroom with microorganisms, like germs and bacteria, that cause disease and that surface is touched by another person, up to 30 to 50 percent of those microorganisms are shared.

Hands-Free Center Pull Towel Dispensers Reduce Cross-Contamination

Touchless or “hands-free” towel and tissue dispensers are one of the best tools available to limit this cross contamination. Our Centerpull Towel Dispensers completely enclose paper towels so that hands only need to touch each individual towel, instead of handling the actual dispenser and leaving germs for the next user. This design ensures that users get one dry, clean and microorganism-free towel with each use, and they eliminate the fear of cross-contamination.

Our Centerpull Towels are the most efficient and economical hands-free method of drying available today, making them ideal for kitchens, food prep areas, restrooms and other locations that see high traffic and require the highest standards of sanitation. To reduce waste and control usage, every roll is perforated to deliver one germ-free sheet at a time.

Touchless Hardwound Roll Towel Dispensers for Healthier Restrooms

Our Hardwound Roll Towel Dispensers are also available in a hands-free design with either a mechanical pull-down or electronic delivery system. These attractive, durable and dependable dispensers help protect the health of your restroom users while also limiting paper towel waste, and our Hardwound Towels are strong, absorbent, soft and available in both natural and white.

These touchless dispensers make your restrooms cleaner, healthier and safer for your employees and customers by reducing the risk of cross-contamination. To learn more about these and other paper towel and tissue products that can make your facility healthier, contact the team at von Drehle today at 800-438-3631.