Paper Towels

Paper Towels are More Hygienic than Air Dryers

Want to dry your hands but keep them clean at the same time? Don’t even think about using a hand dryer in the restroom. A new study published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology reveals that hand dryers create a cyclone of microbes and bacteria. Researchers from the University of Connecticut Health and Quinnipiac...
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Paper Towels are Flu-Season Essential

Throughout cold and flu season, we hear that hand washing is the best defense against germs, but most people aren’t aware that proper drying is just as important as using warm water and anti-bacterial soap. According to the Centers for Disease Control, bacteria is much more likely to be transmitted from wet hands...
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Cleanliness Boosts Student Concentration and Health in Schools

Back-to-school shopping lists are filled with the basics, like pencils, pens, rulers and notebooks, but student need more than just supplies to succeed in their educational endeavors. They also need clean, healthy classrooms and schools.  Cleanliness Boosts Well-Being An effective school cleaning and sanitation program can have a deep impact on students’ well-being,...
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