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Environmentally Friendly Paper Towels and Toilet Tissue

Screen shot 2015-03-13 at 10.40.32 AMThe impact that the products you use every day have on the planet are incredible, but you can make a difference by choosing to use environmentally-friendly products, like our toilet tissues. When you select toilet tissue made from recycled materials, less pollution affects the environment, less waste goes into landfills, and more natural resources are conserved for use by future generations.

Since 1974, the von Drehle Corporation has practiced environmentally-sound production methods, and the vast majority of our paper towel and tissue products are 100% recycled. These products meet or exceed the guidelines for post consumer content outlined by the Environmental Protection Agency, and customers who shop with von Drehle are supporting a cleaner environment for everyone.

Best of all, our recycled paper products don’t sacrifice comfort or performance. Our innovative technologies have enabled us to create comfy, soft and durable toilet tissue that is both biodegradable and made from recycled materials.

We are committed to creating environmentally friendly paper products, and many are made with 100% recycled fiber, including our Preserve product line.

To learn more about von Drehle and our commitment to the environment, contact us today!