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Essential Restroom Cleaning Checklist

There are many steps involved in keeping restrooms clean, and keeping a checklist can help your janitorial team stay on track so your employees, customers and visitors can enjoy consistently clean and fresh restrooms. Use this checklist to ensure you never miss a step when cleaning your restrooms!

1. Put on personal protective equipment.

2. Place wet floor signs.

3. Check and refill tissue dispensers.

4. Check and refill towel dispensers.

5. Check and refill soap dispensers.

6. Sweep floors.

7. Empty trash.

8. Install new trash liners.

9. Clean and disinfect urinals and toilets.

10. Spot clean partitions and walls as needed.

11. Clean mirrors.

12. Clean sinks.

13. Clean all dispensers.

14. Clean push plates and light switches.

15. Mop floors.

16. Do a visual inspection of vents, dispensers and other areas that may require future attention.

17. Empty and clean your equipment.

18. Store your cleaning supplies in the janitor’s closet.

Following these steps each day (or more often, depending on restroom traffic) will ensure your space is welcoming and clean for each guest.