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High-Quality Paper Towels & Hands-Free Paper Dispensers by von Drehle

Hand drying is just as important to limiting the transmission of pathogens as hand washing. Bacteria thrive on damp hands and can more easily spread to other surfaces when hands aren’t properly dried after washing.

When it comes to drying, you have three options: electric hand dryers, standard paper towels and high-quality paper towels. But which one is best? The answer may surprise you!

Electric Hand Dryers

Once thought of as the future of hand drying, electric dryers seemed like an eco-friendly and sanitary way to stay clean. However, the air inside of jet dryers is not sterile, and they actually increase the amount of bacteria on hands. The streaming air has the power to spew germs over six feet, blanketing restrooms and the people who use them in bacteria.

Standard Paper Towels

The old standby, standard paper towels offer better sanitation when compared to jet dryers, but not all paper towels are made equally.

High-Quality Paper Towels

When it comes to drying hands, high-quality paper towels in hands-free paper dispensers can’t be beat. These towels have a higher wet strength and basis weight than standard paper towels, offering unparalleled strength and absorbency.

High-quality paper towels may cost more than the standard variety, but they are worth the investment. Using high-quality paper towels limits the amount of bacteria on users’ hands, reducing absenteeism due to illnesses. Over 407 million workdays are lost due to sickness each year, but using high-quality paper towels and practicing good hand washing practices in the office can reduce that number.

Von Drehle is proud to offer only the highest quality paper towels and paper dispensers made from strong, durable materials. Contact us today at 800.438.3631 to learn how our wide range of products can increase sanitation in your workplace and reduce absenteeism due to illness.