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How to lower your paper towel & tissue costs for your business by von Drehle Corporation

-Factors facility executives should consider before purchasing paper products-

The financial investment a custodial manager makes in a towel and tissue purchase starts before they ever see a single sheet — in the forest itself. Higher costs associated with logging, transportation and processing have made their way to operational bottom lines — many times to a facility’s operations manager looking to cut costs and save on over consumption of paper products. Which leads to many managers asking, “How can i lower my paper towel costs?”

Evaluating dispensing options, in addition to the paper itself, can result in substantial savings in both product and budgetary bottom lines.

It’s Automatic

In addition to paper quality, facility executives must evaluate dispensing when analyzing cost.

Any school custodial manager would attest that pulling paper towels can become a fun game for the younger generation.  That said, monitoring paper usage can be a bit tricky in a K-12 setting, but various dispenser types are available to help.

Distributors comment that for every four cases of folded towels, a facility will need only one of the rolled towels, which come in varying lengths.  A touch-free roll-towel dispenser not only reduces the amount of product used as compared to a single- or multi-fold towel, but will reduce the potential of cross-contamination.  Setting dispensers on timers and designating dispensing lengths will also minimize waste.

This portion-controlled dispensing is definitely the most popular option today.  In fact, facilities departments have saved substantial budget dollars utilizing this dispensing.

Other Factors
As important as paper guilty and dispensing is in saving facilities money, the ways operational manager’s purchase can also contribute to the bottom line.  Distributors recommend managers buy towel and tissue in bulk.

This is the ideal option for facilities with a set budget and ample storage space.  But as the recession continues to keep many custodial budgets in flux, a large number of managers still opt for multiple orders a year.

As with anything, the purchase depends on the user, their financial situation and storage capabilities.  However, if departments can buy a variety of products in one bulk order, they should try to do so.

The number one savings tip for any facility, is to have a supplier that works with them to discern the various options, and what will work best for each individual situation.

Our recommendation is to use a supplier that has a personal touch, is not just out for the sale, but wants to build a relationship and actually helps with those choices.

Our professionals will work with facility managers to make sure they get the biggest bang for their buck when it comes to purchasing.

Since 1974, customers have trusted von Drehle to provide high quality paper towel products for the away-from-home market and to back those products with the best service in the industry.  You will find our products in thousands of industrial and commercial locations, in medical and government complexes, and in airports and hotels. We welcome your questions and comments and look forward to helping you find solutions to all of your towel and tissue needs.