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Reducing Paper Towel Waste with Dispensers

dispensersWe at von Drehle Corporation are committed to environmental sustainability. We’ve been practicing environmentally sound production methods since 1974, and the majority of our paper products are 100 percent recycled. This commitment has also inspired us to design products that limit paper towel waste.

Our Center Pull Towel Dispensers, for example, limit waste by only dispensing one towel at a time. This hands-free option also reduces the risk of cross-contamination and is cost-effective. You’ll never have to replace any batteries, and the design is virtually indestructible. They consistently deliver one clean, germ-free, dry towel at a time, creating a healthy and clean experience for your clients and employees.

Stock your Center Pull Towel Dispenser with our Preserve Centerpull Towels, which are Green Seal Certified and perforated to deliver just one sheet at a time. This drastically cuts down on usage and reduces waste, making them a more eco-friendly option for restrooms, kitchens, foodservice areas and other spaces.

To learn more about these and other environmentally-friendly von Drehle products that reduce waste, call our team today at 800.438.3631.