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Weigh, Measure, and Don’t Get Cheated by Dishonest Suppliers

It’s an unfortunate reality that you can’t always trust that everyone in your supply chain is conducting business honestly and fairly. At the von Drehle Corporation, we’ve been in business since 1974 with continued trust and loyalty as two of our benchmarks for success. However, the majority of our customers deal with many suppliers for various products and supplies, and it’s important to us that everyone learns how to find out quickly if there’s an issue with cheaters.

First of all, you can always acquire a sample case of a quality paper product. It’s wise to weigh the case when you’ve changed product lines or especially if you’re dealing with a new distributor. Paper, which is always bought and sold by weight, is relatively easy to check. Also beware of being misled if a product – paper or otherwise – doesn’t have its weight printed on the box. Items like trash bags, for just one example, have also been known to arrive “light” (short-packed).

Specifications are printed in product guides, online catalogs and at retail locations for good reason, and unfortunately if you don’t keep an eye on your orders – and routinely check what is shipped to you versus what you are paying for – you might go weeks or months without ever realizing there’s a problem. Measuring and weighing paper products is just good business sense. Customers who don’t understand a product code or something else that’s printed on a product (or in the specifications for a product) should never be shy about phoning up a service representative or shooting the company an e-mail. After all, when you’re the customer, you’re the one a rep is being paid to serve!

The von Drehle Corporation has always recognized that our customers in Hickory and around North Carolina and the entire United States will always have options to buy from other suppliers. What we strive to do is help customers if they have an problem with a product, whether it was a purchase from us or not – and most importantly, we’ll guide you to consider von Drehle products as a great alternative to any dishonest or cheating supplier. Because with von Drehle, you always get what you pay for and confidence from knowing that 39 years of experience manufacturing and selling high-quality paper products makes us experts that you can trust.