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Paper Towels are Flu-Season Essential

Throughout cold and flu season, we hear that hand washing is the best defense against germs, but most people aren’t aware that proper drying is just as important as using warm water and anti-bacterial soap. According to the Centers for Disease Control, bacteria is much more likely to be transmitted from wet hands than from dry ones.

The Best Choice for Hand Hygiene? Paper Towels!

There are now many options for hand drying, but paper towels remain the most hygienic choice. Studies reveal that paper towels help keep people healthy by removing soils and microbes, and they do a better job than air dryers. While a paper towel can get hands completely dry in just 15 seconds, it takes air dryers about 45 seconds to get the job done. Most people don’t hold their hands under dryers for that long and leave restrooms with damp hands, which are more likely to transmit bacteria and germs.

At von Drehle, we provide paper towels that keep you healthy not just during cold and flu season, but year round. Economic and efficient, our paper towels are ideal for food prep areas, restrooms and any location where sanitation is important.

Our innovative Preserve Centerpull towels reduce germ transmission and cross-contamination because users only make contact with the towels they use. To increase hand hygiene, each sheet is delivered dry, clean and germ-free.

To learn more about how our paper towels in Hickory, NC can keep your employees and customers healthy throughout cold and flu season, contact our team today!