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If you are looking for commercial grade Toilet Paper, Facial Tissue, Toilet Tissue, Paper Towels, then give von Drehle today at 1-800-438-3631! We strive to offer the best sanitary paper products in the industry and we have local distributors in every major market to help you with your tissue needs.
Von Drehle paper and tissue products have been trusted by our customers since 1974, for providing high quality paper products to our customers. We are committed to being the best commercial paper towel and commercial toilet paper manufacturer. Our products can be found in many industrial and commercial locations; from medical environments to government compounds to airports and hotels.
The von Drehle Corporation provides quality paper towel and tissue products as well as innovative dispensers for commercial and away-from-home markets throughout the country. As a world-class towel and tissue manufacturer, von Drehle provides a nationwide, experienced sales and support team to assist in product and sales training, marketing support, and delivering the best solutions and local service in the industry.