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Paper Towels and Value

Paper towels are a tool of choice for many facing spills and messes in the kitchen and bathroom, as well as any other cleaning needs that appear. However, it’s not always easy to get the best paper towel for the value. Different commercial brands provide different benefits, some excelling in absorbency and others proving to be twice as durable as their competition.

To decide which paper towels will fit your needs it might be best to conduct your own tests of different brands you normally use based on the absorbency, scrub strength and cost. At vonDrehle, we offer a product comparison guide to help you decide which paper towel would be best for you.

However, for facilities, paper towel needs are completely different. Rather than just adhering to personal finance, paper towels must provide the best service in bulk for a wide range of people. With such a daunting task, trust the experts.

VonDrehle can give you the information you need about bulk paper towels, value tissue products, commercial paper towels and even paper dispensers. For more information, visit us at  or call us during normal business hours, 1-800-438-3631.