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Paper towels are very handy.  They are ultra-absorbent, convenient, biodegradable, recyclable, and sanitary.  So, it is no wonder that this commonly used item is often purchased online for use in the home and office setting.

In a restroom or kitchen setting, paper towels are better than regular dishcloths or hand towels because too many different people need to dry their hands or wipe something up in the home or office setting.  The sharing of towels often spreads germs and bacteria.  For this reason alone, a roll of paper towels is the cleanlier option.

In addition to a roll of paper towels being more hygienic than shared hand or dishtowels, many paper towels are also eco-friendly.  Some available paper towels are green products that have been made from recycled paper and also papers that are unbleached and chlorine free.  So, paper towels are cleaner and safe for the environment.

Paper products such as paper towels are readily available online, and you can buy them in bulk at a lower price than in the local supermarket.  That is because many websites offer lower prices on paper towels.  They can afford to offer discounted prices on bulk paper products such as paper towels because they do not have many of the overhead charges that a supermarket or department store does, such as security, air-conditioning, electricity, high insurance, premises rental, cashiers, stocking products, etc.  A virtual online store does not need any of that, so these online shopping options can afford to give you lower prices.  That is why many people shop on the Internet for discount paper products for their regular paper needs like toilet paper and paper hand towels.

Online stores also offer bulk purchase offers on products like paper towels and other paper products.  Bulk purchase offers are uncommon in grocery stores, and usually you have to join shopping “clubs” to purchase most items in bulk at membership warehouses such as BJ’s Wholesale Club or Costco to name a few.  But online stores will often offer volume based pricing without having to join a “club” to get the best prices.  For those who want the best prices, there is the volume pricing option available online.  All you have to do is find a good online store that stocks a large variety of these paper products so that you can choose the exact items that suit your needs.

A good online paper product store will offer you a variety of facial tissue, hand towels, paper towels, paper napkins and other paper products available at discount prices as well as wholesale offers.  This helps cut costs with each purchase.

So next time you need paper products for your home or office, von Drehle is dedicated to providing online wholesale paper products.  Our entire team is committed to providing each and every one of our valued customers with great products and great service, at great prices.  Give us a call at 1.800.438.3631 to learn more.