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Recycled Toilet Paper Products Good for You, Great for Earth

Many everyday items can have a huge impact on our planet. Are you using environmentally friendly toilet tissue? Is your toilet paper biodegradable? Toilet tissue that is made from recycled materials means less waste going into landfills, less pollution in the environment and more natural resources conserved for future generations.

The von Drehle Corporation – headquartered in Hickory, North Carolina – has practiced environmentally sound production methods since 1974, and the majority of our products are 100% recycled. This means the products meet or exceed Environmental Protection Agency guidelines for post consumer content. Customers throughout North Carolina and across the United States who purchase a von Drehle Green Seal Paper product are supporting the recycling movement and helping to create a cleaner environment for everyone.

Years ago, the argument was made that toilet tissues made from recycled materials were not soft or as comfortable to use as other toilet tissues. Today the argument has been ended as technology has made possible a full range of soft, 2-ply, comfy toilet tissue that’s made from recycled materials and that’s also biodegradable.

More and more companies are making toilet tissue out of recycled materials these days. The percentage of postconsumer content can vary from zero to 80% and some companies process with chlorine and other chemicals while others do not. When you make a choice to purchase environmentally friendly toilet tissue, consider the benefits of a von Drehle product.

The von Drehle Corporation is committed to producing environmentally responsible paper products and we don’t use chlorine in the bleaching process. In the de-inking of recovered paper at our Miami mill, we do not use solvents containing chlorine, benzene, cadmium or other harmful chemicals. Preserve products converted from Miami parent rolls are manufactured from 100% recycled fiber. Feather Soft, Harbor, Blue Water, and Blue Mist products are also manufactured from 100% recycled fiber. The majority of the products also meet EPA guidelines for post consumer content. The cores used in our products are manufactured from 100% recycled fiber, and no inks, dyes, or fragrances have been added to Preserve products.

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