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Integrity, Always…Even During a Pandemic

A typical day for von Drehle Regional Salesman Dylan Mooney consists of traveling and dealing with buyers, sales managers and sales reps throughout his territory in Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas and the Dakotas. The coronavirus pandemic has certainly changed some aspects of his work, but others remain the same. 

What’s different? Zoom meetings and video chats have replaced face-to-face interactions. Conference calls are more common, and instead of traveling a few times a week, Dylan is working out of his home office in Shawnee, Kansas. Down the hall is his fiancee, Lexi, who is also now working from home. The two are planning on marrying in Hawaii this summer, but that too, may change due to the pandemic. 

What hasn’t changed? Dylan’s commitment to building and managing relationships with our distribution partners and customer base. As always, he’s focused on strengthening relationships, having honest conversations and developing true partnerships. 

Two years ago, Dylan followed in the footsteps of Jamie Rock and others who had worked together at a previous company before joining the von Drehle team. According to Dylan, von Drehle represented the “pinnacle” of working in this industry, and after seeing how happy Jamie and others were after coming on board, he took the leap himself when an opportunity presented itself in the Kansas City market. He was happy to move from Dallas closer to home, and he called von Drehle “where you want to be if you’re going to be a toilet paper salesman.” 

Working at von Drehle, Dylan quickly learned that “Integrity is our most important asset,” and he shows that that’s more than a motto – it’s a way of doing business, building relationships and handling challenges that has been a particularly strong guide during the coronavirus pandemic. 

How do you adapt to an outbreak that changes the landscape seemingly every day? How do you continue to supply your customers with their needs, even during a relative shortage? How do you manage customer fears in the middle of a global pandemic? 

When integrity is your guide, the answers to those questions are simple. Our sales teams have adapted to the day-to-day changes by finding new ways to communicate, prioritizing the best ways to spend their time and being there to help our customers navigate these unprecedented times. 

Our customers themselves have made that easier for Dylan. “I’m blown away by how they’ve handled the situation,” he says. “There’s a feeling of unity and that we are all in this together. It’s made our relationships even stronger with our customers.” 

The things that have strengthened those relationships come from both sides: “We can have honest conversations, there’s a lot of transparency and we really feel like a partner with our distributors.” When you treat people with integrity, they respond in-kind, and according to Dylan, that means we “end up with customers with the same type of values that we have. It makes a good fit and makes business pleasurable. You can look someone in the eye and be honest with them and have mutual respect.” 

Managing expectations has become more important than ever before. Our machines are always running near capacity, but the increasing inclination toward “panic buying” at the start of the pandemic created an unprecedented demand that threw the whole market out of whack. While Dylan and others worked hard to manage people’s fears and sell to essential businesses first, like hospitals and nursing homes, our distributors managed the challenges beautifully. “They all did, without exception. No one complained about anything,” says Dylan. “Everyone pulled their weight and knew that what they were doing was for the collective good of the country.” 

As states begin to lift coronavirus restrictions and we all adjust to a “new normal,” we are proud to report that a few things will stay the same: Dylan and our sales teams will always be focused on creating solutions for our distributors, our customers will always be treated with respect and honesty, and integrity will remain our most important asset.