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Jamie Rock: An important piece of the puzzle at von Drehle

Jamie Rock spends a lot of time in the air and on the road. As von Drehle’s Regional Sales Manager for Southern California, New Mexico and Arizona, she has had many opportunities to get to know cities in her territory in a way she wouldn’t have experienced otherwise. She loves the variety of the job — that every day and every customer is different. One day, she’ll be representing a system to a school board, and the next, she could be installing a system somewhere. She talks to everyone from the COOs and CFOs of companies to the janitorial staff, and that variety creates new challenges that Jamie conquers every day (and she’s used to conquering challenges — she balances busy life on the road with raising a three-year old, serving in her church and doing CrossFit with her husband). 

While working on the west coast for a company based in North Carolina could have been isolating, Jamie doesn’t feel that way.  She works closely with her sales director, Larry Cook, who she calls her “go-to” on any issues, especially if she needs strings to be pulled. She loves the connection she has with the rest of our sales team and says they just as invested in her territory as she is. 

There is a group that Jamie feels particularly close to — the colleagues that she worked with in the past for one of our competitors. She’s been in the industry for eight years, but a few years ago, the company she was with was acquired by a larger company, and the entire culture changed. “They were very corporate,” says Jamie, “Everything was about your reporting, what your numbers were, not who you were as a person, what you bring to the company or what your customers thought of you.” One co-worker of hers, Kevin Avera, grew tired of the numbers game and found a new position…right here at von Drehle. Three others, including Jamie, eventually made the switch, and they are all still part of our team today. 

Describing von Drehle as a company that “still cares about us as people,” Jamie says that culture goes back to the roots of the company and will remain unchanged going forward: “They’d rather shut the place down than lose that.” 

That culture of caring extends to our customers, and Jamie’s work exemplifies that. Her territory is one of our newest, and she is focused on growing in a way that works for not just us, but for our customers too. There’s a mutual respect there, and they know that we consistently show up for our customers. Jamie explains: “We are always there to do what we need to do to make it right. I’ve never gotten so much praise from customers as I have in the last year, and it’s not because I’m so great and wonderful, but it’s because I have the support of von Drehle.” (We would argue that it is also because Jamie is great and wonderful too!)

Whether big or small, all of our customers are treated the same way. Jamie says that isn’t always the case with larger manufacturers, and when issues come up “they are used to no one hearing them out or going to bat for them.” Jamie goes to bat for them. 

In one particular case, Jamie knew of a customer from her old company that was left hanging. She’d always enjoyed working with them and knew they felt like they’d been abandoned when the company went corporate. They needed someone to sit down with them and hear them out, and Jamie became that person. “They really needed something different,” she says. “We were basically able to take that puzzle piece that was their previous paper company and plug right into it. We were able to develop a puzzle piece that fit perfectly in there.” This particular customer had very specific items that they didn’t want to get lost and they needed to transition away from before they went fully with our program, and we were able to provide them with everything they needed and the pricing they needed to go in and extract them from that company. 

That’s just one of the many ways Jamie and our sales team “show up,” and they represent one of the most important pieces of our own puzzle here at von Drehle.