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Commercial Toilet Paper by von Drehle Corp | The best high quality toilet tissue to use for commercial business operations

von Drehle Corporation has been delivering high quality paper towels, toilet paper, tissue products and paper dispensers for nearly 40 years! As a world-class paper towel and tissue products manufacturer, von Drehle provides a nationwide, experienced sales and support team to assist in product and sales training, marketing support, and delivering the best solutions and local service in the industry. Every year in the United States, billions of dollars are being spent on restroom paper supplies and tissue products. The largest expense in restroom supplies is toilet paper and, nationwide, we use millions of rolls of toilet paper every year. The toilet paper industry is so large that it is quite difficult to have current information on new products, updates and company mergers. There are many considerations to make when choosing the right toilet paper for your operation, some of these considerations include cost, style, size, color and softness.

  • Do you want toilet paper that you don’t have to replace often?
  • Do you want to save money and go with a sand paper grade toilet paper?
  • What is the cheapest price I can buy it for without my employees or customers complaining?

With so many things to consider in choosing your toilet paper supplier, it is nice to know when you call von Drehle corporation, you never have to Press 1 to talk to a live person. Instead, you always get to speak with a courteous, experienced professional who is there to help. We strive to make sure we meet the needs of our customers and distributors. By maintaining a high volume of products in all of our manufacturing/distribution centers, von Drehle boasts a 98% fill rate for towel, tissue and dispenser products and can usually fill orders within 24 hours. If you are looking for one of the best suppliers of towel, tissue, and dispenser products, feel free to give us a call today at 1.800.438.3631, and we can help you find one of our 300 local distributors to assist you.