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von Drehle Launches 4450 Premium Bath Tissue

We’ve all been there — enjoying a dinner with family, attending a business meeting or arriving at a hotel lobby after a long day of travel. The urge to use the restroom strikes, and suddenly your experience goes downhill when you reach for the toilet paper. It’s one-ply, scratchy and looks like it belongs in an outhouse. Suddenly, your impression of the whole establishment changes, and you wonder how much the business really cares about their guests and customers.

The only thing worse than bad toilet paper is no toilet paper — and running out of rolls is one of the top complaints visitors to restaurants, hotels and offices voice.

von Drehle’s Elegance® tackles both of these challenges at once: it is our highest-quality premium toilet tissue with 56% more tissue per roll.

The Elegant, Premium Bath Tissue Solution

von Drehle’s Elegance® Bath Tissue provides a softer, whiter, more luxurious solution that is ideal for upscale locations and office buildings.

When it comes to making an impression on guests and customers, it’s often the little things that make the difference. It’s the smiling face that greets visitors in the lobby, the cleanliness of the space and yes, the quality of the bath tissue.

Choosing von Drehle’s Elegance® Bath Tissue is a way to provide the best for your guests, staff and customers. Softer, whiter and featuring a designer emboss and wrapper, it sends a message that you care about the details, and not just in the restrooms, but throughout your entire establishment.

Reduce Maintenance, Prevent Run-Outs

There’s few things worse then entering a restroom stall only to see a cardboard roll with nothing but scraps left on it. In fact “no toilet paper” tops the list of customer complaints about restrooms.

Our Elegance® Bath Tissue contains 56% more tissue per roll compared to standard at-home and retail tissues, reducing maintenance demands and the possibility of run-outs. More tissue per roll means less complaints from customers who are left stranded without an empty roll, and it’s another way to show you care.

2-Ply Premium Bath Tissue

Want to provide your guests and customers with a softer, more absorbent premium bath tissue? Contact the team at von Drehle today to learn more about our Elegance® Bath Tissue.