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Teamwork Creates Exceptional Service at von Drehle

Teamwork is the fuel that allows von Drehle to deliver exceptional service.

For the last five and a half years, Peggy Whalen has made the 20 mile commute from her home in Morgangton to von Drehle’s corporate offices here in Hickory. When she arrives, she’s ready to manage a team of ten people as the Senior Manager of Customer Services, and when she leaves for the day, she’s always proud of the work they’ve done together to serve our customers.

Teamwork is the fuel that allows von Drehle to deliver exceptional service. Peggy stresses this by saying “If you don’t have teamwork, you can’t function and you can’t do the best you can for your customers.” If you ask her what the secret is to having a great team, she’ll tell you that it’s having self-motivated folks who don’t need to be micromanaged. She’s happy to say that von Drehle is a very “employee motivated” company and more like a family, in fact, than a business.

Peggy works with the sales and production teams, makes sure all of our shipments get out on time and correctly, pulls reports and manages payroll, but her job in a nutshell is really doing everything she can to take care of our customers and making sure their needs are met. That’s her favorite part of the job: the satisfaction she gets when she helps get the right products to the customers at the right time.

After a friend came to work for von Drehle in 2014, Peggy decided that she too was ready to make a change and join our company. The timing couldn’t have been better: since then, Peggy has enjoyed being part of our growth. “von Drehle has really taken off in the last five years,” she says. “We’ve grown by leaps and bounds employee-wise, business-wise and customer-wise.”

Our customer services team has played a huge role in that growth, and we are grateful Peggy is here to manage it!