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von Drehle Employee Spotlight: Russell Bubba, Regional Manager

If you are a von Drehle distributor in the area of the country that stretches from the eastern half of Pennsylvania to New Jersey, Delaware and straight up to Maine, odds are that you’ve interacted with Russell Bubba at some point in the last 13 years.

Since 2004, Russell has served that area as a Regional Manager for von Drehle, and we were lucky to catch him at his desk for this interview since he’s always on-the-go. Each year, Russell racks up over 40,000 miles on the road for von Drehle, and when asked about a “typical day,” his response started with a laugh.

“Every day is different,” says Russell, and he proved it by giving a rundown of some of his travels this month. Five days ago, he was with a local customer about a half hour away, on Tuesday he drove up to New York to see a customer about expanding his line, then he headed over to Utica to meet with another rep to help with installation in a nursing home. Next week, Russell will be at the home office in Hickory, North Carolina, to give a tour of the plant to a customer, and the following week will find him in Massachusetts.

With a degree in hotel/restaurant management and past positions in restroom services and regional sales, Russell has seen enough of the competition to know what sets von Drehle apart from it. He explains, “We are much, much easier to do business with than the majority of the other paper manufacturers. We’re also a lot more transparent with what we do — there’s not too many secrets at von Drehle.”

Russell also stresses the different way von Drehle makes decisions — concentrating more on what’s best for the end user and the distributor. That’s the opposite of what many of the larger paper houses do. According to Russell, “They make decisions based on what’s best for them first, then what might be good for the end-user and then finally what the distributor will live with.” Russell is an integral part of making those decisions, and we are proud to have him representing us all over the region.